Friday, July 31, 2009

Scenic Nova Scotia

Just taking a breather from packing suitcases to say we are headed to Nova Scotia for the next week. Keep your fingers crossed we can manage our 4:30 wake-up call. Thanks Air Canada for screwing up our flight time! Oh well, we get there that much quicker to enjoy it all.

The other night I finished a project to take as a boredom buster for the airport and our travels. Thought I'd show it since it was fun and easy to do. I used a lid and traced circles from felt and matching fabric then sewed them up and trimmed with pinking shears for a fun finished look. The idea is to have it be a matching game.

When I showed my completed work to Hubby he guessed they were coasters! Well I guess if we loose some or get bored of them then that will be their purpose in their next life!

One more shot showing the fabric and felt side together.

On our Sault Ste. Marie to Michigan to Ohio trip I made these clothespin dolls and they were a hit with little hands. My son kept saying "Take me to your leader" with the robot one!
While we were in Ohio Auntie JB gifted us with these adorable finger puppets and let me tell you they are the bomb diggity! They have come in handy at a doctor and a dermatology appointment and several grocery shopping trips as well as our trip to Buffalo, NY.

I also love the dollar store for some good travel finds like these little miniature animals. We have some other stuff like stickers and I print off tracing and coloring sheets for them as well. Next time we travel I hope to make some crayon rolls as those would come in handy. I'd love to hear what travel activities your kids like!


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl!! I always wanted to go there.. I even almost dated a Nova Scotia boy named Seamus. My hubby still teases me about him for some reason...

Actually I just wanted to go to P.E.I. because of my young adult adoration for the book Anne of Green Gables. I was an Anne-groupie. (can you even be an Anne-groupie?)

Diana said...

Hello Texan!! Enjoy your weekend.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Girl... you Won my giveaway prize!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

No worries, just get back to me with your address when you have time, I'll hang on to your pretty prize!


Jana said...

hey miss longhorn just got back and saw you won lemondade makin mamas giveaway!!! go me!! haha, just joking. I definitely need to catch up on your blog now. I have the little bento boxes to send to you but I'm not sure where to send them or if the flat rate works in Canada but I will figure it out...if you have an adress you don't mind recieving a package from I will get it out right away as a thankyou for your daiso tip!

Jana said...

Hi there yes I did get your email I am so sorry things are just hectic haha!! Im going to the post office today to ask questions. I am just a mess=D

Dandy said...

Those finger puppets are adorable!