Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back from traveling.

Hello! We're back from our travels and mostly settled back in. Still need to unpack part of the suit case! I have so many pictures to sort through I'll be posting about the trip later. It will be a long post I imagine! So For Grandmas, family and friends here is some cuteness and an anecdote until then.

The day before we left we went to a local park for some fun in the sun. Here Stuntwoman is oozing 2 year old charm!

I must not have been able to resist hence the kiss.

Such a sweet girly!

Now for the anecdote. Daddy learned a new canadian phrase "Two-Four" which stands for a case of beer, containing 24 cans, hence, two four. I looked this up and discovered in Canada it is considered a cultural icon second to "eh". A sentance using the phrase might go like this "Strap that two-four to the back of the Ski-Doo, eh?"

Anyhow Daddy began saying he would need to get himself some "two-four" and someone heard Daddy and the next day came to Mommy and said "Look 2-4 for Daddy" Daddy has been busy with work and hence the stating a desire for two-four. We sent Daddy the picture right away to cheer him up. He proceeded to e-mail some Canadian co-workers and suggest that maybe he had used the new term he had learned a little too liberally!

On a final note here in Canada the purchase of alcohol is regulated by the Province and must be done at an LCBO Store (Liquor Control Board Ontario) or the Beer Store. Versus in the States you can buy beer or wine with your groceries. Anyhow when dear Hubby has gone to buy beer he announces that he is buying "Daddy juice". Now whenever we go by a beer store two tiny voices will say "Daddy juice!" if they see the store logo.


Eternal Helpmates said...

T.o.o funny! I think I'll skip sharing this post with JC. ;)

Jana said...

Oh that is hilarious! I hate unpacking hopefully it is an easy process for you!

golonghorns said...

The laundry is if I could get it put away!