Friday, July 17, 2009


Last Sunday after church we headed over to Unionville for lunch. They have a cute little main street with historic charm.

On our preview trip to find housing we looked at this area for houses that would be within walking distance to here. We never found a good fit.

Our agent who is from the area mentioned this main street and the historic houses is the opening scenery for the Gilmore Girls televison show. I have not verified this information but thought it interesting to note.

You see that building with the tower looking thingy and red accents? It is the Old Fire hall and it is now a confectionery full of fudge and ice cream and sweets! After lunch Master picked mint chocolate chip. I think he must have thought the green color was appealing!

Anyhow back to my discussion about our house hunt in March 2008. We noticed that some neighborhoods had some brightly colored garage doors.

Our agent explained that some cultures like this bright colors on thier houses.

We actually toured a house with mint green doors and garage and inside the carpet was mint green through out the entire house!

We decided mint green was not for us. Young Master may have liked it based on his ice cream selection though.

I just had to take a bunch of pictures so you could get the full effect!

I'm guessing the lady of the house picked this color out!

Hmmm, wait a second these people are just University of Texas Longhorn fans! HOOK EM!!!


Buckeroomama said...

I wouldn't bat an eyelash if it were just one or two houses, but an entire neighborhood of such houses? Must be the neighborhood code or something. The houses look really nice, though, despite the color of the garage doors. :)

golonghorns said...

The neighborhoods are a mixture of your normal white and tan garages and doors and then the eye catching colors shown here! To each his own.