Sunday, July 12, 2009

Agawa Canyon Train Tour

We were a little crazy for planning this next part of our travels. I must state for the record there was a communication break-down. Dear Husband is a planner and organizer and I just wing it. So I had no idea that our little train ride up to the Canyon was a four hour ride each way! So please dear reader learn from our errors or at least be amused by our insanity!

If you trap small children in a moving and confined space bring plenty of snacks and entertainment. Snacks check, enough entertainment - oops! Have secret weapons in your bag people...bring out those party favor bubbles stat!

We also used secret weapon the sugar rush aka known as lollypops!

Do aplogize to the others around you in advance for your kiddos as they will certainly act out at some point along the way during your journey. Realize the sugar rush may have had the opposite effect intended but shrug it off since it kept them occupied for the 15 minute breather you really needed.

Breathe a sigh of relief when your arrive and can let them run their energy off.

At this point we had scrambled to take care of potty breaks, diapering and grap a quick bite of lunch while swatting a zillion mosquitos away (bring bug spray). An afterthought would have been to accomplish afor mentioned tasks prior to arriving but remember folks we already established we are insane. So once we finished these tasks we could set our sights on seeing the incredible scenery.

This is a really fun picture. I love all the green.
It makes me feel a sense of adventure and desire to see what is around the next bend.

Sadly I missed this next bit of sightseeing as Stuntwoman decided she wanted carried and that now would indeed be the perfect time for a nap. So I lugged her on my shoulder back to the train and hung out missing all the views.

If you do decide to make a long trek like this bring reinforcements who can hold and amuse your youngsters. Appreciate the help from the Grandparents.

Don't forget to take a bunch of photos and remember lots of little toys to keep them happy during the traveling. I could have had more activities or toys to be honest and wished I had planned better. Also if I hadn't assumed a 2 hour train ride versus the 4 hour train ride I think it might have been a tad more pleasant for all parties involved. Overall it was very pretty and I wish the kids had been a little older but I'm glad we got to go.

During the typing of this post I fixed an edit but laughed at my typo where I spelled strain ride instead of train ride but that about sums it up!

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