Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lobster Mania

Well we are back from Nova Scotia and it was a fantastic trip. How do you journal or share about 600 pictures taken over 6 days? At any rate this was the first thing we spotted after we flew into Halifax and we got in our rental car and started driving to Cape Breton. We don't eat fast food but found it hilarious and actually went back for this picture. It says it's McLobster season.

My first meal in Nova Scotia was a full Lobster supper. Dear Hubby insisted. I grew up not eating much seafood the closest I experienced was tuna salad, frozen fish sticks or salmon burgers. I had no idea what I was missing. Once I had the real deal I was hooked! We once took a trip to Boston and Cape Cod in 2004. I intended to eat my full share of seafood then only to have full on morning sickness and not partake lest a few bites of some chowder I shared with my husband. One meal all I could do was eat some apple pie ala mode as I was so nauseated.

I had seafood every meal and more than made up for missing out in the past!

Me with my dorky bib on ready to dig in!

Lobster rolls are incredible.

Stuntwoman called lobsters: Spiders, crabbies, and my monster. I could not get her to say lobster no matter how many times I coached her. She would have brought this one home if we would have let her!

Check out this big one in the tank!

For me one of the highlights was all the fresh and wonderful seafood. I had lobster, crab cakes, fresh atlantic salmon, digby bay scallops, chowder and seafood linguini. None of it disappointed. My husband does not like seafood except for tuna salad. To his credit he tried lobster rolls a couple times this trip. I'm proud of him!


Jana said...

that sounds out of this world!!!! I am so glad you got to gorge yourself this time around! Morning sickness ain't no joke! Dont you just love when the kid's make up their own names for things? TJ calls PBNJ Jellyfish that I use the bento bunny cutters they are jellyfish bunnies haha!

Dandy said...

Those lobsters were huge... I'm so jealous!