Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sew clever

I found these adorable sweats for Stuntwoman at an upscale kids boutique here called the Little Red Hen!

Had you going for a second! That is my early April Fools joke I guess. Actually I have become inspired to re-purpose clothing for more wear. Here is one of the projects I've completed recently.

The sweatshirt had a stain and was outgrown, options were pitch or re-use! Pants were worn by older sibling and had seen better days (also not very girly). Inspiration: See previous bean bag project.

I traced out two hearts and cut them out. You can just barely see the stain on the shirt, blech!

Here is the finished project! Not a bad outcome. I am quite pleased with the results and would like to add a heart to the backside - if I find the time! Also I think a shirt with a heart from same fabric would make a kitchsy, boutique looking get -up and all from recycled fabrics!!! Woo-hoo!

Monday, March 30, 2009

All Star

This is a video Master made with his camera. He is singing All Star by Smash Mouth a song in the Shrek soundtrack, one of his all time favorites!

Disclaimer: He spins around and drops the camera, you will feel like you've been on a short roller coaster ride. So sit back, keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times and enjoy the fun!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Felt food

This is a project I started awhile back and need to complete. I wanted to make some play food with felt and foam.

I happened to see something cute on the net, wish I remembered where. Anyhow you can find a tutorial for making strawberries. The rest is just winging it.

I like how the pita turned out. Technically this could be a taco as well, not sure how to make the fillings look as good. The cheese slice and pita bread were made with foam. It was fun to work with and did well on the sewing machine.

I would like to make some play donuts, cupcakes and some pizza too!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Break - Day 6

We stayed one night in Kingston Ontario before returning home. Not a lot to do here, but still nice to visit. Would have preferred warmer weather and might have found more to do. We did have a great tex-mex dinner at Lone Star Texas Grill. Fajitas with home-made tortillas! Wonderful eats for a homesick Texan!

March Break - Day 4/5

We spent 2 days in Lake Placid.

We visited High Falls Gorge. Beautiful, but cold! I do recommend not pushing a double stroller in the mud though (especially when it isn't meant for off sidewalk activity!). I cannot wait until the kids get big enough to walk more places.

Seeing all the Olympic sites was pretty incredible.

The highlight of the trip for Football Man was the chance to go on part of the Olympic bob-sled run.

He got his picture taken with the folks who helped him do the bob sled ride.

Isn't he a cute little punk?

And the winner of the olympic gold medal is
Young Master!!!

Another cheesy parent photo opportunity!

March Break - Day 3

After one more visit to the water park we checked out and said our Good-byes to the Loony Toons and Six Flags park. Our kids have never seen the loony toons shows, but they still loved the life sized charcters! Stuntwoman gave her favorite lovey over to Sylvester and looks like she wants to bring the kitty home with her.

Or next destination was Lake Placid. It was a little colder in this area, the lake here was still frozen. This was a view from the back of the hotel where we were staying.

March Break - Day 2

After we left Rochester we headed to Syracuse campus. We had an awesome barbeque lunch in Albany. Made me less homesick for Texas, mmm... brisket! We made it to our next destination the Six Flags indoor waterpark and Hotel.

The kids were a little wary of the water at first but got comfortable pretty quick.

Cheesy parent photo opportunity!

Stuntwoman loved swinging and did not want to get out!

Young master loved the water slides. I wonder when he gets older what kind of stunts he will be doing?

What we did on March Break - Day 1

We crossed the border and went to Buffalo for lunch. Mmmm, the buffalo wings were delicious! We saw a bunch of people wearing green getting ready for a Saint Patricks Day parade downtown.

Our next stop was the Strong National Museum of Play. If you ever visit give yourself a bunch of time. They have a lot of hands on exhibits. There is a carousel at the entrance and I thought we'd never get past that. The kids rode it twice!

They have a replica of Sesame Street. We could not get the kids to stand still.

Young Master loved seeing himself on t.v. with the sesame characters.

They had this fun interactive grocery shopping experience for the kids. We had to split up because the kids were all over. Daddy had the camera so he got to photograph Young Master shopping for CHEESE!!! I don't think he got enough.

If I had been holding a camera you would have seen Stuntwoman taking food from other people's carts or adding to it. She kept picking up a watemelon and calling it a pickle! She was all about the produce!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ABC Bento

An ABC themed bento to go with an ABC box.
Kinda fun, eh?

The letters were cut out free-hand with a fruit leather, apricots, alpha-bits cereal (not very healthy but on sale at costco - so why not?), another fun find at real canadian superstore is the pretzel letters (the kids love them!) and of course not healthy in the least ABC pasta (boy, does young master gobble this up!) and finally some grapes to make it seem a little more healthy.

Verdict, everything consumed but the apricots!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly kiddos

This is my first attempt to see if I could upload a little video for family and friends to watch. It was taken a couple months ago, when we still had a ton of snow. Thank goodness it is finally melting away. Hooray for Spring!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shopping for letters

What is the deal with toddler obsessions and compulsions? Stuntwoman routinely climbs into the bathtub to snatch the foam bath toy alphabet letters and has scattered them about the house. She became frustrated about dropping them as she carried handfuls of them around. So the other day so I pulled out this old bag, a freebie from a makeup purchase. It was instant love!

She can now go shopping for letters and any other toy that strikes her fancy. Boy this hunter gatherer instinct is an early aquired skill it would seem.

So this is how a Mother trains her young to become a shopper!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bean Bag Fun

So Wendolonia made these adorable beanbags she saw on WhiMSy Love . I fell in love with the idea too. They were super easy and should be great fun for our upcoming trip. We are headed to upstate New York for March Break! For those of you who are asking what is March Break?!? It's what Canadians call Spring Break, but I guess they don't really have Spring here yet so hence March Break. This is just my random logic at work here.....

I ended up making some red bean bags after this but already had taken this picture in my excitement over the project.

Young Master liked them right away!

He practiced tossing them on his hopscotch towel from Grandma VO.

His next game was matching them to the rug squares in the living room. I think he liked them!

Maple Syrup Festival

Last weekend we went to a maple syrup festival.

Master loved toting around his buckaroo umbrella!

There was a nice toasty campfire.

Still some snow on the ground....

A time out taken in the woods....

Mmmm, pancakes and maple syrup.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Close up

I still get a kick out of uploading young master's pictues from his camera to see what he is taking pictures of .

Here he has produced a series of up close and personal self portraits!

One can never have too many nose shots!

It really is funny to get a glimpse inside his little mind and see what he is thinking about.

Good thing his nose is clean!