Monday, September 29, 2008

New Feature

Hooray for fun new blog gadgets! On the left you will notice some pictures and underneath it is powered by youtube. You can click on these to see our home slideshows created by the handsome and talented FootballMan! We have recently added a couple new ones from Ottowa and Quebec travels. While in Quebec we heard a singer duo called Dala and he used their music for the Quebec slideshow. He has always been very thoughtful with the music selections for the slideshows and does an amazing job making these. He says he wants to watch these when we grow old and miss our babies. Sniff, sniff, waaahhhh!

Father's Day Weekend

June 14 and 15 we had a nice weekend.

On Saturday we went to a park downtown by Lake Ontario.
We had a pretty day and enjoyed each other's company.

There was lots of kissing on this weekend!
On Sunday we made Daddy mango apricot bars.
The recipe was kinda a flop! But we had fun making it.
Did I mention there was lots of kissing ???

Family Pet

We have a visitor!
A furry little guy who seems tame
and visits the back door!
Turns out the people who live here fed this fellow
and he expects the same courtesy from us.
I was rather shocked the first time he showed up.
But now he pops in on us from time to time.
The kids love it and get excited to see him.
I named him "Stumpy" since he only has half a tail!

June 1st, Centre Island

On the first of June we ventured downtown
and took a ferry over to Centre Island.
There was a little amusement park,
picnic areas, and the beach!
The kids liked the beach and the ROCKS!

Recipe for fun

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming! Or as my Sis says,
"Back to my semi-irregular blogging" Hah!
So you want to get two rambunctious toddlers really happy?
Here is your recipe for fun.
One dishpan filled with bubble solution plus cheap fly swatters equals lots of smiles!