Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bling Bling

The super saver thrift store had a boat load of indian bangle bracelets for cheap. Miss Stuntwoman is all about the bling! Here she is modeling her fisher price baby links and her bangles. She likes to mix it up and be bold with her fashion savy self. I called her Auntie Kathy last night to let her know that at church last week she was playing with the little tikes workshop and power tools. I knew her Aunt would be super proud and would get a kick out of this next story.

Yesterday while on an errand a lady was charmed by the cuteness of my daughter and was socializing with her. Stuntwoman was chillin in the stroller but sat up and exclaimed to the woman "You have bling bling." The woman didn't understand 2 year old speak so I translated. She likes your earrings! To which the lady laughed and proceeded to show her nails with glitter to her as well. Thank goodness she wasn't impressed by that! I wish I had taught my young un the term necklace or pretty pretty which she will repeat but her first choice is to say bling bling and it is rather eye opening and hair raising when she shreiks loudly for it. It is fun to see her have a girly girly side and yet be a stuntwoman daredevil keeping up with big brother.


Jana said...

I like her style...these are the best kind of stories they just never get old!

golonghorns said...

Thanks, I'm trying to remember all the cute stuff they say and do.