Sunday, July 12, 2009

Saul Ste. Marie

The weather was on the cooler and rainier side as we left Sudbury and headed for Saul Ste. Marie.

We stopped at Elliot Lake for a lunch and a detour to a scenic overlook.

Amazing views and scenery.

Photo opportunity!

Photo opportunity!

Didn't know his picture was being taken!
This was a memorial for all the miners from the area.

We opted to go to the Firetower Lookout for a view of the area and we were not disappointed with our decision. We could feel and see the mist from the clouds. The scenery was incredible and would be even more amazing on a sunny or autumn day I would imagine.

Photo opportunity!

Hmmm, let's not wander too far.

We finally arived at Saul Ste. Marie and met up with Texas Grandparents!

A family photo after dinner looking to the US side from the "Soo".

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