Sunday, July 12, 2009

Northern Ontario

Here are some pictures and the highlights of our recent travels. As we headed to Northern Ontario I noticed the area had some Indian names and reservations. I started noticing these piles of rocks. I pointed it out to Hubby and wondered what it meant. He started teasing me about Blair Witch, etc.

After a washroom break at a tourist area I discovered the meaning of the rock piles. They are called inukshuk . See the wiki link for more info. I was fascinated and tried to get more photos along the way.

Isn't the word inukshuk just a fun word to say?

Being from Texas the kids are used to longer car rides and are good little travelers!

We stopped in Sudbury and enjoyed a lovely stroll on a bordwalk. We spent our fisrt evening here.

Walking with my two little ducklings!

Gorgeous views.

Sudbury and surrounding areas are known for their large mining concentration of nickel-copper. Before we left we visited Big Nickel a replica of a 1951 Canadian nickel.

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