Monday, July 13, 2009

Mackinaw City, Michigan

From the "Soo" we headed over the bridge into the US and on our way to Mackinaw City. Another bit of travel advice if you are crossing the border do make sure you get stuck in a long line of vehicles on the bridge so you can listen to your kiddo whine and cry about needing a bathroom break!

We took a ferry from the city over to the island.

Stuntwoman modeling a new onsie and her brother's hat from the Grandparents.

Arriving at the island.

Chasing the sea gulls.

We ended up renting bikes and heading off to see the island. It turns out there is an 8 mile path around the whole island. There are no vehicles permitted on the island. Grandpa and Mema got a tandem bike and headed off before we could catch up. Sadly we missed getting a picture of them. The kids really liked their buggy bike ride.

It was a glorious day and bike ride. I really enjoyed it and for me it was a highlight of the trip. I loved the spontaniety and the whole experience.

We saw some more inukshuks and got some photos. Speaking of inukshuk I was shopping at the wal-marts this morning and noticed a Vancouver 2010 Olympic mug and the logo is an inukshuk. Pretty cool eh?

More inukshuk by the shoreline.

Hooray for naps.

The Grand Hotel where the film Somewhere in Time was filmed.

Back at our hotel the kids loved getting to play in the rocks and water.

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