Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hi internet,
I have a confession to make. I have a new addiction. It's called bento. It is a japanese art form for packing single portion meals usually with rice, fish or meat and vegetables. In Japan you can buy these meals ready made but homemakers spend extra time to make meals visually appealing and go to great lengths to make characters, shapes, etc... This is said to be as an expression of love for their family members as well. Google bento and you'll see what I mean.

Anyhow I feel like I have been in a rut with lunch ideas for hubby.... they aren't well balanced... alas a sandwich every day for 6 years gets old. He doesn't like to carry a bunch of stuff with him to work. So I found out about bento and now I am fixing efficient lunches and adding variety.

Hubby never complained about lunch before (what a great guy) and now says they are yummy and seems less hungry when he gets home. Now keep in mind I don't do exactly the japanese versions, this is just the idea adapted for what works for us. Also I have been coming up with exciting ways to present food to the kids that sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. So please indulge me when I present bento posts.

I love these containers they are called lock and lock. They are perfect for a sandwich and adding a few extra things to make your lunch a little more. I love that we reuse the containers and don't throw away foil or plastic wrap. I promised Hubby I wouldn't make anymore "turkey" character sandwiches. But hey it was just before Thanksgiving and somebody needed to see what cute things I could do! He commented that lunch was a little embarrassing and made him feel like a gradeschooler! I'll make it next year for the kids!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa pancakes

Our first married Christmas 2002, dear hubby searched high and low for perfect gifts. One of the neatest things he did was in desperation and has become our very own family tradition. Now evolved even more. He bought a pancake gift box mix. You know the kind with all the yummy smuckers jellies and flavored syrups? Yummmm. Anyhow pancakes on Christmas morning is a tradition, and now they are Santa pancakes! I am especially looking forward to the kids response this year. What is your favorite family holiday tradition or memory?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's not done yet!

On the topic of veiwing old holiday movies with young master. If there is a song and opening credits he will adamently state "It's not done yet." And this will continue until his Father reassures him that the movie is not over.

He has been making us open pretend presents. "Mommy, I have a present to you. Open it. It's a banana book!" Then he will make us read our pretend books. Sometimes it is a strawberry book.

He has decided we are leaving Santa chocolate milk. We will be decorating sugar cookies. Wow, Santa has got it good this year!

Happy Holidays!

Hi there, tap tap anyone still checking in on my little old blog?

Life with 2 little ones makes it hard to keep this thing up to date.

We went to Austin and Dallas for 2 weeks at last week of Nov. first week of Dec.

We had a nice time & now we are back in 6 or so inches of snow.

Also our computer had to have a well visit for a noisy fan problem.

This is a picture from September...

yes I am still behind on posts about all our adventures

I still have from August on to update about.

Young Master has really gotten the concept of Christmas.

We are showing him all the old Burl Ives and puppet animated movies.

Every time he hears the drummer boys song on the radio

he recognizes it from the shows and says,

"It's a new drummer boy song!"