Sunday, June 28, 2009

Canadian Geese

Do you remember when I posted this picture over a year ago?

Here in Toronto you can spot these waterfowl just about everywhere you go. These guys were at Ontario Place on Father's Day.

A few weekends back I spotted some little fluffy goslings in our neighborhood. I finally had my camera the other day and got a picture. They had grown a bunch. But are still fun to see.

They don't look much like their elders yet!

I'm sure we will see some more of these guys as we travel to Sault Ste Marie. We are headed to do a train tour of Agawa Canyon! We will be heading to Michigan and on to Ohio to see family for the 4th of July. Hooray! It will be fun to see our cousins. I'll be taking a break from the blog until we return....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun

The heat has finally arrived here. Not bad since it is the end of June. With the humid index it feels like it is in the high 90's.

There are a couple local splash parks free of charge. We have been making use of them.

Is it hot where you are? What are you doing to stay cool?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Well Saturday was a bust it rained but we went to dinner in the evening at a restaraunt Daddy picked. It had all kinds of food and he was able to get enchiladas which made him happy.

Sunday after church we headed to Centre Island but it was too crowded to wait for the ferry due to the Dragon boat races. I was super bummed I really wanted to see them race. I think people stayed away on Saturday because of the rain and it made more crowded Sunday.

We made a quick detour for Ontario Place a tiny amusement park not far down the road. Stuntwoman is working on a stunt in this photo, she kept leaning over and touching the water and I finally had to ask them to reel her in!

Young Master loved this slide and went over and over!

Riding on the cute little ferris wheel.

Young Master had a great many difficulties with this ride. He could not figure out how to make the car go or how to steer. He needed more one on one than the other kiddos. I had to shake my head and wonder what will it be like when he is 16 or 17? I hope he doesn't follow in his Daddy's shoes and back into a picture window of a house or take out a brick mailbox at the home of a young lady he is charmed by! Ahem! I will be in big trouble if this is any indication of things yet to come!!!

Chillin in the stroller! Fo shizzle!!!
For a really great laugh about strollers watch this!

We had a good time doing some inside play and this was a cute mega block display I wanted to get on film. The only down side to the day was I got a migraine and we headed home but had seen and done most of what we had wanted to. Fortunately with a nap and some ibuprofin I was much better. Daddy was a trooper and took care of the kiddos and I really appreciated it. Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is hard to find time to work on projects but I worked on this late Friday evening and early Saturday morning. I am pleased with the results. A girlfriend in Austin is expecting a little girl. So I made her a banner for the nursery. I scrunched it together for the photo.

I also made some burp rags by covering a pre-fold cloth diaper with some cute fabric. Really love this monkey fabric it is fun and whimsical and just plain makes me smile!

Sock monkey close up!

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 13th- Saturday happenings

Last Saturday we went to see Scarborough Bluffs. Along the way we stopped at several parks near the area and stretched our legs.

The kids spotted a jack russel and min pinscher which the owner graciously allowed us to socialize with. And run after..... good exercise for kids and dogs!

Right about this time I considered the thought of my two toddlers akin to those little dogs full of energy. And if I had to pick a breed I suppose they would be jack russels as well!

Dandelion wishes!

The bluffs

The marina

Stuntwoman loves ducks and geese!

An ice cream break and shirt change!

Looking back up to the bluffs.

Ah, the beach!

Time to explore.

And get dirty!

After a bad mexican meal downtown. I think dear hubby has finally decided to end his quest for mexican food. And a parking ticket,we have always been so careful to make sure we park properly - but missed the sign on the side street for the trees. We decided dessert was in order. I had spotted a sign with an ice cream cone on a side street up the way and suggested we check it out.

We were delighted by this discovery a French patisserie. I asked for permission to photograph all these wonderful delicacies.

Amazing quiche.

Cakes and tarts, drool!

Eclairs, oh my!
I tried a raspberry macaron, heaven in a bite and hubby got mango sorbet which I did not try. Kids too busy playing and did not care about the desserts. Definately want to go back and try more of these amazing sweets!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Japanese Fabric

So my lovely fabric arrived from Japan. If you don't know about how this came to be see here .
I ended up requesting in lieu of Mother's Day gift intended for spa time and opted for some more fabric from this lovely etsy site!

This is one of my favorites and I hope to applique with it some.


Love these green apples!

These are cute too!

Another one of my favorites!

So as you can see I have a growing collection of fabric and no time to sew with little ones who keep me busy from sun up to sun down. But I have plans and hopes and schemes! My husband sighed last night and said "I work to support your fabric habit". I had bought a lovely flannel apple print that reminded me of the green apple print above. In my defense it was a good price at $2.00/metre and I only got a metre!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


More catching up on our happenings. The first weekend in June I was able to redeem a spa package from my birthday in January which was a nice treat. Then that evening we had a babysitter, whom the kids LOVE come watch them. We went to Danforth Avenue which is where there are lots of interesting shops and great Greek food.

We ended up starting with Saganaki (OPA) Kefalograviera cheese in brandy with a squeeze of lemon. Cause that was what everyone else was getting and every 5 seconds you'd hear the servers and patrons yelling "Opa!" Opa is in general a traditional expression in Greek when you dance and feel very happy. It's like saying "Hurray!" Anyhow it's fun to be at a park and hear others yelling "Opa" when a kid goes down a slide. Those Greeks sure know how to party and celebrate!

Yummy Greek salad

Chicken Gyro dinner.
I always forget and order the meal and not the wrap! Dear Hubby got some phyllo wrapped thing with roasted lamb and spinach and cheese. It was tasty!

Does this store display remind you of a movie?

Ah, Danforth Avenue. Good times and good eats. We will miss this spot and the lack of good Greek food upon return to Texas.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Barrie Waterfront Festival

Getting caught up on our travels. On May 30th we headed to Barrie for a waterfront festival. It was a pleasant day.

We saw this dog tense up at a stuffed animal dog and caught it on film. Isn't that a hoot?

The ever popular "circle elevator" ferris wheel!

Pretty views!

Fun in the bounce house!

Fun in the Peter Pan Maze.

He went on this several times.

He is still talking about that ride!

We ended up heading to our favorite little Mexican eats we found last year on Canada Day when we hung out in Barrie and had a wonderful dinner. After we headed out to go back to the festival again it started pouring hard. Daddy ran back to the car which was far off and he was soaked by the time he picked us up.
This rainbow was spotted the next evening so we went in the backyard and enjoyed looking at it.