Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun in a Box

What to do when the weather is yucky outside???
Well you can have fun in a box!!!

I taped together 2 of our moving boxes, saved from the move last spring from Texas to Canada.

We decorated our box with markers and paint. The kids have really enjoyed playing in it alot!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flat Stanley

A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor at the house. This is Flat Stanley. One of our nieces in Texas had a school project involving him. Her first grade class read a story about Stanley and how he became flat when a bulletin board over his bed fell on him. His adventures really began when his parents mailed him to friends in California.

So her class made Flat Stanleys and mailed to family and friends from all over so they could learn about other places. Some specific things they asked for were the weather, symbols, and traditions of the area.

Poor Stanley was colder here so we had to outfit him with some winter gear. We picked him up a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey to wear back so he could tell the class about hockey and how popular it is here. We told Flat Stanley to tell her class that we have had 198 cm of snow this winter. That's 78 inches or 6 and a half feet! It was fun to have him visit and share a little bit about Canada with our niece and her school.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Wow, kids are so resilient. You would never know this little guy just had surgery. He is doing great, no complaints of pain. He just has sutures at the incision site on his groin area. He should heal very nicely. We will have a 6 week follow up with the surgeon. I must confess, I expected this to be a lot worse and it was a breeze. Big Praises go to Daddy for all his hard work, he got the yucky job. Mommy was too stressed and worried which would have been hard on Mother and child. So Daddy took Master to surgery and had to hear all the crying and complaining for something to eat/drink and for Mommy. They would only allow one parent in recovery and Daddy really wanted to be there for him. So I stayed home with Stuntwoman and I think it was a good choice.

This is a self-portrait young Master took with his camera about a week or so ago!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This has been a big year so far for Young Master. Turning 4, starting preschool here in Canada, potty training and now Surgery. Tomorrow (Mon. 23rd) he will have an outpatient surgery for hydrocelectomy. I am not feeling up to explaining it in detail, google it if you don't know what this is....

This poor little guy has had tubes at 15 mos. At age 3 a second set of tubes and adenoid gland removed. And now 4 years and this.

Please pray for our family as we keep him comfortable during his recovery and for things to go smoothly and a speedy recovery!

Get well soon Young Master!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just cheeky

Here is Daddy's poor cheek, read previous post to see what happened! Stuntwoman is sad because she wants to get down and go be unsafe on the ice. We were such cruel parents for not letting her try any stunts.

Snow tubing

Daddy and the Master went snow tubing at the resort last weekend! The first day they only got to go one time before they tubes were being locked up for the night.

Young Master did not want to go at first. Sadly on their way back up the hill Daddy slipped on some ice and got a busted cheek. OUCH!

The next morning they got back up and headed to the tubing slopes again. And Young Master kept saying "Again, again, I wanna do that again!"

Until frostbite set in and then he gave up and buried his head in the bottom of the tube to stay warm!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Walking on water

We went to a resort 2 hours North for our overnight getaway last weekend. Here you can see the lake at the resort being utilized for winter activities of the skating and hockey variety.

Being adventurous or stupid we decided to test out walking on a frozen body of water with 2 small children. In the photo below you see me wrestling with my daughter as she struggles to take off in valiant effort to find any way to endanger her safety! Young Master thinks the whole experience is delightful!!! He was sliding around with his boots as if he were skating, he was so cute.

You can see I won the wresting match and am now carrying Stuntwoman. We smile for the camera and I think to myself, "This is the closest I'll ever be to Jesus like walking on water!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Frozen Lake

For reference this is the lake at Barrie ON. this past summer July 2008.

And here is my crazy husband walking on the ice at the lake in Barrie after seeing the locals out walking on the ice as well. The angles are slightly different but this is essentially the same spot these photos were taken.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Family Day!

Did you know that today is a holiday here in Canada? Yep, Family Day so we got a long weekend. Woo-hoo! We took an overnight trip 2 hours north of here. I'll be posting about that soon. In the meantime please enjoy this Family Portrait made by the Master!

Top Left is the Master, next to him is Daddy, then Mommy ( I'm not sure if those are extra eyes or dimples?!?!) and then little sister!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The force is with you!

I would like to note that from the time Young Master was a little baby his Father would quote the Star Wars movie and say "I am your Father, join me and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son!" We have video of them together when he was a toddler and Daddy saying this and Young Master responds..."Hah hah" it is pretty funny!

A couple months ago I let young Master select his shirt for the day. He has no idea what Star Wars is. But his Dad likes this movie from his childhood and I got this for 25 cents at a garage sale so it was an instant hit. Master decided Yoda was Shrek, and you cannot convince him otherwise.

He proudly posed that day for the camera and then ran off to tell his baby sister he was wearing a movie shirt! Every Friday we have movie night with homemade popcorn and we have a full rotation of all the Disney movies or we pick some up from the library. Anyhow he gets to pick from 3 choices and it is a special tradition that is eagerly awaited. The rule is you have to take a nap if you want to stay up to watch a movie. Little Sister doesn't know this rule yet, so she has her regular curfew. Thank goodness he is napping right now, it's the first nap all week and movie night can happen tonight!


Back in the fall I put Stuntwoman's hair up in pigtails. She reminds me of Boo in Monsters Inc. Especially in her little pink sleeper!

A couple Sundays ago I tried again and she kept the pigtails in for a couple hours. She really needs her bangs trimmed. Now whenever I try to fix her hair she pulls the pony or pigtail out. She may want to play with makeup but definately does not want her hair messed with!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


On any given day, you will find my house looking about like this. And today I have four laundry baskets piled high, a sink full of dishes, and bathrooms that need servicing as well!

Life goes on! And there will always be toys with little pieces all over the place. Which is Dear Hubby's biggest pet peeve! To quote my wise Mother "This to shall pass!"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing in the snow

It has been a week since we have had any snow. Of course it is still all over the place. And yes it is very cold.... Brrrr, my car temp. reading showed minus 2 (farenheit) the other morning. And it was at that moment I remembered my car had seat warmers! Oh Happy Day!!!

Young Master had fun plaing in the snow recently while little Sis was napping. Can you believe the snow is up to his waist!!!

He fell down but then he learned all about making snow angels....

Checking out the snow flakes......

Helping Mommy shovel snow and clear off around the hot tub.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I've been tagged by my friend Michelle.
Here are the rules.

1. Find the 4th folder in the pictures on your computer.
2. Choose the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain that picture.
4. Tag 4 other people.

This is the one! And I had been considering posting something from this series of pics so this works out perfectly. Here you see the kiddos playing dress up. What a couple of cool cats!

I'm tagging Mom, Julie, Jen C. and Marri S.