Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More on Babywearing

Hi Mom!
Here is my new baby wrap.
Isn't it a pretty color?
It's super comfy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 week comparison

This is my firstborn at 5 weeks. He was my scrawniest babe. Had horrible reflux and colic.

Child number 2 was my biggest babe and nursed great and grew great. I can count only a handful of times that she spit up (like 3).

And here is my sweet youngest babe at 5 weeks. She also has reflux and has to sleep in a bouncer and wear bibs, except when Momma is taking a picture. We are making progress with spit ups down from 3 bibs a night to one.

I found it interesting to compare how my little ones looked each at the same age as an infant.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I have discovered the moby wrap and am loving it! A friend lent me hers and I have one coming in the mail this week. I would have a dozen more babies if I could babywear all of them!!!

Awww, snug as a Bug!

Sorry for the tiny pics. I can't figure out how to use this new computer or my iphone which I used to take these pics.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My 3 Ring Circus

Hello All, Welcome to my 3 ring circus and step right up to juggle life with 3 kids! If you aren't supervising the middle child very closely with her markers she'll decide she wants full sleeve tattoos on her arms cause that's what all the cool hip 3 year olds are doing in Austin! She proudly showed me her work and announced it was her name!

The kids adore their new baby sister!
They love getting to hold her and help care for her.

Things are going well if you don't factor in sleep deprivation and an overabundant milk supply which makes Mommy very uncomfortable with engorged udders, Mooooo! It has also been hard to help baby not be so gassy if she gets to much foremilk, she has some spitting up when she gets too full of milk as well. Some days are better than others but overall we seem to be getting into a rhythm.

On a side note if you plan to have a baby make sure your computer doesn't die, you car doesn't act up (headlights wouldn't turn off - bad fuse) and that sugar ants don't show up to join your household. All of the above explains where I've been and what I've been up too lately.
I haven't figured out how to use the new computer yet to upload pics and use the new Windows 7. Hopefully my tired brain and body will get functioning and I can happily blog as time allows. Wish I had more time to visit blogging pals, but know that I miss you and cherish your lovely comments. Smiles, Jennifer