Friday, January 9, 2009

Too young for make-up!

Yesterday while I answered a phone call from a neighbor to arrange a play date, Stuntwoman slipped away to the bathroom. And sampled Mommy's make-up!

There was blush powder all over the floor. Which I cleaned up before I realized she had applied blush to the lower half of her face and lips. So I grabbed the camera to get a picture to at least remember this moment, as unhappy as I was.

As I shared the story to her Father later after we had retired to bed his only comment was she was too young for make-up. No concerns for the destruction of the make-up mind you Sigh!

p.s. if you are wondering about the glazed look on her face it is because I turned the t.v. on so I could clean up the mess and keep tabs on the kids at the same time, lest I found some other path of destruction whilst my back was turned.

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jefmic722 said...

Sounds like something Mahaylee would do but she was in the vaseline, and got it all over the place. You will laugh about it later. Michelle