Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Help, I'm being held hostage by two tiny terrorists. Their demands are raisin boxes, goldfish crackers, juice boxes and "Mommy, pay attention to me!" Which leaves little time to keep up on blogging what we are up to! I still have more of Nova Scotia I want to write about and last weekend we made it to the St. Lawrence Farmers Market downtown, it was fabulous... must share with you.

But for now a stinky diaper awaits followed by another demand for the park, for the second time today! Hope I can get back on track and find some time to get my thoughts and experiences journaled. Some day my hope is I can make a book with (Oh, and if I ever win the lottery.... fat chance since I don't ever play.... I would like totally do a giveaway for this!)


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh I've never seen that site!! It would be so cool to make a book out of our blogs wouldn't it?

There are worse people to be held hostage by eh? (I can not resist adding the "eh" to my words when I comment. Nor can I resist giggling when I say it. I have problems.)

golonghorns said...

Shasha, you are too funny! I giggle when you say eh too. I really do want to make a book especially to remember the experience of living here. And then there is the matter of my sweet babes and a record of them too!

Farmgirl Paints said...

I'm all over that book idea. Depending on how much it costs I was thinking the same thing for my one year blogaversary:)

Jana said...

I have never seen that website either, how cool! you always know all the cool stuff! eh

sorry I just thought that I could add my two cents about eh since Sasha did, but she has more of a reason....oh well.

I am held hostage right now as well...weve been mulling over the options...thank goodness these guys are easily bribed!

Buckeroomama said...

Haha, this all sounds so familiar --the raisins, the goldfish crackers, etc. God forbid that I ever run out of any of these!