Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Historic Nova Scotia

Sorry to have been MIA but I have been the little hamster running round the wheel and the faster I run the less I get done... could have something to do with two tiny people who keep me hopping. One of which gave herself her own spa treatment this evening. She opened a jar of vaseline and gave herself a hand and foot massage, oh and the jar got a massage too! I should have laughed and got the camera but was in too big of a hurry to stop the mess and clean her up. Thankfully her brother reported it in time before it got any messier. The last couple days I have been trying to clean and not just clean but deep clean, yuck! However with little ones I go 1 step forward and 2 steps back it seems.

Disclaimer: More of "What I did on my Summer Vacation." This is a potentially boring read but for the sake of my record keeping here it is.

We did alot of history related site seeing while in Nova Scotia and we got to go to Fortress of Louisborg the largest reconstructed 18th-century French fortified town in North America.
The Fortress was built to protect France's interest in the New World.

The weather was drizzly and added to the realism of the experience.

One last parting shot from the Fortress. I'll add that they have a tavern there you can dine at. We bought bread from the bakery which you can tour and see how it was made in the 18th century. We bought a small serving for a toonie. You could buy upper class which was all white, middle class was 50/50 white and wheat and soldier's ration was all wheat. We let Master choose and he selected all white. Guess we would have been upper class!

In Halifax we did a tour at Alexander Keith's Brewery. They do some re-enacting and it was neat to see the history of how the brewery came to be. Did you know that they paid the soldiers with a gallon of beer as their daily wage? Everyone had to be pretty tipsy! Young Master is raising his glass of lemonade high!

Also in Halifax we did a Harbour Hopper tour on land and water. It was a good way to get around and see everything and learn about the city.

View from Citadel Hill in Halifax.

We also visited the Titanic grave site since it was nearby in Halifax. When the kids get older and start learning about history it will be neat to show them these photos.


Buckeye Kinfolk said...

I for one am glad you posted you visit. It is wonderful to see the pictures and read your comments.
Thanks, Mom

Dandy said...

That wasn't boring at all- I loved it! Very interesting!