Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cabot Trail

Located on the Northern tip of Cape Breton Island is the Cabot Trail a loop of 185 miles of the most stunning and breathtaking views. The area is rich with Celtic and fishing heritage. It is magical and awe inspiring and does not disappoint.

I could not get over the gorgeous rolling hills around every bend. I am told it is beautiful in the autumn. I also wonder what it looks like in the winter?

Around every turn we saw many old white churches with antique windows all picture perfect and dating in the 1800's. It would seem that religion was an important part of the early settlers there based on how many we saw dotted all along the coastline.

It was hard to stop for every photo but there were many white houses with green roofs and it reminded me of Anne of Green Gables. We plan to go back to visit Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland someday.
I kept Thanking God several times for the beauty, majesty and glory of this place.

Quaint villages dot the drive and the locals and are hard working and friendly.
Picture perfect!

These photos speak for themselves.

I even went as far as dressing us in similar outfits hoping for the perfect Christmas card photo. It didn't exactly happen to my vision. My mother in law embroidered the matching outfits for the kids with a Mickey and Minnie. They were lost in the mail for 3 weeks and we got them just before we went out of town. I will have to take the kids pictures in them again.

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Dandy said...

How gorgeous and sooo quaint, its like a little town in a story book!