Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bizzare Nova Scotia

While driving to Cape Breton this caught Hubby's eye and he actually went back to photograph it. I questioned his decision and he said "Come on, we're here and so is this. When you look back years from now at your pictures you can remember you saw this." Still I can't help but wonder who would put a yard full of the Simpsons up??? Dearest Hubby commented on how the yard really looks like the cartoon and then he said, "I bet you'll blog about it!" I said, "Nah." Guess he was right!

At another stop we found this display of statue mannequins thingys. What else do you call them? Bizzare!

The kids loved running around and stretching their legs and checking it all out.
Ring around the rosy! They all had names too. It was surreal.....

Here is a lovely parting shot from our venture off the beaten path and I hope it puts a smile on your face!!!

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