Friday, June 12, 2009

Toronto Zoo

So the same weekend we went to Centre Island the following day we went to the Toronto Zoo. This was May 24th.

They have a cute area for little ones to be more hands on. Unfortunately we went here last and should have done this part first.

Here you will see a series of pictures with my son proudly posing with his lollipop at each area we visited. They were fussy and I got tired of the fussing and out came the lollys.

So either I am a great Mom, at least at that moment my kid was thinking so....

.... or I am a bad Mom for the sweets and the possible future cavities. Knock on wood clean bill of health for now!!! Oh come on now a little sugar rush never hurt anyone!

Either way we thought it was pretty hilarious how he had to pose with his lollipop in each picture!

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