Friday, June 12, 2009

Fabulous fabric

A week or so ago I came across an amazing stash of fabric at Salvation Army. And the prices were so good per yard/metre that I snatched it all up!

Look on the right and see the old cutting tag! How fun is that!!!

I debated over this one but in the end it was a huge piece of corduroy and for the price I had to rescue it.

I have visions of making table cloths, placemats, tote bags and pillow cases. Oh my!

I really adore this one. I wonder about who this belonged to and what were the projects she had in mind. There are a couple other pics I didn't post and sadly some I left because I was getting carried away. And yes Mom, I did give the kids a lolly whilst this fabric frenzy of shopping occurred this was my big thrifting score and those suckers were gonna help me get the job done!

Sadly I paid more for this piece than the original cutting tag. But I love it and can't decide table cloth or tote bag? Any suggestions.

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