Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rest in pieces

I'm a little heartbroken. My lovely treaseure was just broken about an hour ago by some service repair men who are fixing the oven. This little plate was made in England. I don't know where I would ever find another and certainly not for .99 cents. Chances are I wouldn't come across another thrifting. Oh, well at least I had photographed it..... Sigh!!!

I am behind on what we have been up to and hope to get caught up soon. A sore throat for a week that turned into a head/chest cold for another week has delayed me. Not to mention energetic little people and stoves that stop working!

1 comment:

jefmic722 said...

Sorry to see the plate is broken. Hope you can find another one. Take a look at this blog you will see your uncle bud playing in the creek. I think. Talk to you later. Your cousin, Michelle