Wednesday, June 17, 2009


More catching up on our happenings. The first weekend in June I was able to redeem a spa package from my birthday in January which was a nice treat. Then that evening we had a babysitter, whom the kids LOVE come watch them. We went to Danforth Avenue which is where there are lots of interesting shops and great Greek food.

We ended up starting with Saganaki (OPA) Kefalograviera cheese in brandy with a squeeze of lemon. Cause that was what everyone else was getting and every 5 seconds you'd hear the servers and patrons yelling "Opa!" Opa is in general a traditional expression in Greek when you dance and feel very happy. It's like saying "Hurray!" Anyhow it's fun to be at a park and hear others yelling "Opa" when a kid goes down a slide. Those Greeks sure know how to party and celebrate!

Yummy Greek salad

Chicken Gyro dinner.
I always forget and order the meal and not the wrap! Dear Hubby got some phyllo wrapped thing with roasted lamb and spinach and cheese. It was tasty!

Does this store display remind you of a movie?

Ah, Danforth Avenue. Good times and good eats. We will miss this spot and the lack of good Greek food upon return to Texas.

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