Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Well Saturday was a bust it rained but we went to dinner in the evening at a restaraunt Daddy picked. It had all kinds of food and he was able to get enchiladas which made him happy.

Sunday after church we headed to Centre Island but it was too crowded to wait for the ferry due to the Dragon boat races. I was super bummed I really wanted to see them race. I think people stayed away on Saturday because of the rain and it made more crowded Sunday.

We made a quick detour for Ontario Place a tiny amusement park not far down the road. Stuntwoman is working on a stunt in this photo, she kept leaning over and touching the water and I finally had to ask them to reel her in!

Young Master loved this slide and went over and over!

Riding on the cute little ferris wheel.

Young Master had a great many difficulties with this ride. He could not figure out how to make the car go or how to steer. He needed more one on one than the other kiddos. I had to shake my head and wonder what will it be like when he is 16 or 17? I hope he doesn't follow in his Daddy's shoes and back into a picture window of a house or take out a brick mailbox at the home of a young lady he is charmed by! Ahem! I will be in big trouble if this is any indication of things yet to come!!!

Chillin in the stroller! Fo shizzle!!!
For a really great laugh about strollers watch this!

We had a good time doing some inside play and this was a cute mega block display I wanted to get on film. The only down side to the day was I got a migraine and we headed home but had seen and done most of what we had wanted to. Fortunately with a nap and some ibuprofin I was much better. Daddy was a trooper and took care of the kiddos and I really appreciated it. Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day too!

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