Friday, June 19, 2009

June 13th- Saturday happenings

Last Saturday we went to see Scarborough Bluffs. Along the way we stopped at several parks near the area and stretched our legs.

The kids spotted a jack russel and min pinscher which the owner graciously allowed us to socialize with. And run after..... good exercise for kids and dogs!

Right about this time I considered the thought of my two toddlers akin to those little dogs full of energy. And if I had to pick a breed I suppose they would be jack russels as well!

Dandelion wishes!

The bluffs

The marina

Stuntwoman loves ducks and geese!

An ice cream break and shirt change!

Looking back up to the bluffs.

Ah, the beach!

Time to explore.

And get dirty!

After a bad mexican meal downtown. I think dear hubby has finally decided to end his quest for mexican food. And a parking ticket,we have always been so careful to make sure we park properly - but missed the sign on the side street for the trees. We decided dessert was in order. I had spotted a sign with an ice cream cone on a side street up the way and suggested we check it out.

We were delighted by this discovery a French patisserie. I asked for permission to photograph all these wonderful delicacies.

Amazing quiche.

Cakes and tarts, drool!

Eclairs, oh my!
I tried a raspberry macaron, heaven in a bite and hubby got mango sorbet which I did not try. Kids too busy playing and did not care about the desserts. Definately want to go back and try more of these amazing sweets!

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