Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Fun

A couple weekends back we went to the pumpkin farm. I recall it was warmer on our visit last year. If we were in Texas we would have been in long sleeves only!

I love it when they are sweet and we can capture the picture! Getting good pics of toddlers is hard sometimes.

They both tried to push this wheel barrow, it was funny and cute!

We interrupt this pumpkin talk to show you the apple pie hubster got for me at the market of the pumpkin farm. It helped my morning sickness immensely and he was back in my good graces since I had been whining about feeling ill and nauseous and how he had done this to me!

I let the man of the house do all the work for the pumpkin carving, although he had a charming assistant.

I hope this isn't a reference to someone's morning sickness. What a kidder!

The finished masterpeice!

Can you guess what the design is?

Dear hubby is a huge KISS fan. It is supposed to be Gene Simmons and his big tongue!

There, I'm sure you see it now...right??? I had to laugh when the moving company representative came to the house to do a survey of items for the move, he said. "I like the spider on your pumpkin." Oh well!


Diana said...

Just don't tell hub!! The pie looks pretty good there.

Jana said...

aw I am glad he is taking care of your little belly, I love the picture of bro and sis givin kisses, melts my heart, The kiss pumpkin is magnificent...

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

I LOVE THAT carved pumpkin. Too funny. And those photos of the little ones kissing... so sweet. I love it when you get something like that on camera! Doesn't happen very often for me anymore.

Susan Yuen said...

Your kids are so cute!!! Is your husband into classic rock? That's all my hubby listens to. :)

Michelle said...

Love the kissing ones. Must capture those moments to remember when they are bickering a few minutes later...well, at least that is how it works in my house. ;) Love sibling pics - they are so sweet! Looks like your little ones get along well!