Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had the lovely pleasure of dining out at a creperie at Mont Tremblant. I thought it would be fun to show all the foodies what we ate!

Sorry I don't have any recipes. This is just another reason to travel to Quebec. Although I'm sure we could get some here in Toronto too. But while on vacation we ate well! This first beauty was actually one my hubby and I split Summer of 2008 in Montreal and I wished I had gotten one all to myself.

This lovely one had ham, eggs and cheese inside and is topped with bechamel.

This particular one may not look like much but it was heaven in a bite. It had smoked chicken, onion, cheeses, and salsa. It was very good.

I was busy selecting for my daughter and did not really supervise husband and son's selection. The kiddo saw the ice cream on the menu's pictures and it was all over. He opted for peaches as fruit of choice and was pretty happy with his lunch. What 4 year old wouldn't be?

I got a traditional crepe filled with black forest ham, asparagus and bechamel suace. For my daughter we ordered a plain crepe and she demolished it with maple syrup. I've never seen her finish anything at a restaurant. I was so tickled on our way out the door I thanked the chef who in turn complimented how well behaved the children had been. And I assured her they aren't always that good but still it was nice to be complimented!

So in summary if you get a chance you must try crepes. They are fabulous! I can't decide which I like more savory or sweet.


Jana said...

YEEEHAW look at that fab food! I love crepes I could really go for a savory and sweet one right about now...yeah like dinner and desert all at once=D

Buckeroomama said...

I LOVE crepes --especially the savory ones. The one with ham, cheese, and eggs topped with bechamel sauce, yum yum!!