Friday, January 16, 2009


Mark January 15th 2009, on your calendars folks. It's the day Young Master stayed dry! Woo-hoo. This has been a long time coming. We have finally pulled the diapers after many discussions about how when your turn 4 you wear big boy pants. Wednesday was not so good so staying dry all Thursday was something noteworthy of reporting.

Here Young Master was exploring perspectives with his new camera before he had some work to do! I think it to be quite funny and thought it was a fitting photo to include on the topic.

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Helena said...

We finally got Kate into big girl underpants about two weeks ago. She finally clicked with the potty thing but it took a while to convince her that she didn't need diapers anymore. (The child has a bladder of steel and is very stubborn--even after getting the hang of things, she only uses the potty three times a day.)

Good luck!