Tuesday, January 6, 2009


For Young Master's 4th Birthday we got him a kidizoom digital camera. He has been taking pretend pictures of us for months with a large cardboard tube as his makeshift camera. "Say cheese, click, here's your picture!" So we figured he would really like an actual camera.

He started clicking away and we have lots of pictures of us with our heads cut off.

And various other interesting things!

Here is little sister enjoying Birthday cake!

In about 2 hours he had taken about 250 pictures.
Not much later we learned it holds 450 pictures total.
His favorite thing is to get us to make a silly face and photograph that! Lovely isn't it?
Worse yet having the paparazzi in your house means they capture your every move. And if they are only a few feet tall and this is their perspective, well you catch my drift! It is fun to see what he finds interesting and photographs, even if it is 50 pitcures of his train table! I'm sure there will be more paparazzi posts in the future.


Jen said...

Nice Tush! Those yoga classes are paying off! Gotta love our little ones!

Michelle said...

Sydney often gets ahold of my camera and I have found many pics of my lovely tushy too! Yikes! Talk about encouragement to get up and exercise!