Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bento egg molds

More fun with Bento!

I got some really fun egg molds. After you hard boil an egg, you peel it and put in the mold and a cold water bath. Leave 'em while you are doing other stuff and voila, they form to the mold and cute egg shapes that will make you squeal with delight upon opening. Too bad my kids don't like hard boiled eggs!

Here we have Dear Hubby's lunch. A nice ham sandwhich with veggies and an egg that he had for breakfast actually and 2 shortbread cookies!

Here was my lunch, trail mix, (except stuntwoman ate all the chocolate covered raisins for me) bunny egg and clementine and oriental coleslaw! Yummy!


Kathey said...

I never heard of egg molds. That's pretty neat!--K

Wendy said...

Ha! My kid won't eat hard-boiled eggs either, so I use those same egg molds for myself too. At least someone in our house enjoys them....

Sometimes I'll use them for rice, which he will eat. That's kind of fun too.