Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun with Bento

What do all these random assorted foods have in common. Well it's the funnest lunch around. Why it's your very own, Mr. Potato Head Bento!!!

You decide the face you want!

Or the nose he should have.

Or if he is silly!

This Mr. Potato Head has got it going on. He has his very own bento box. What a cool dude! Not a very healthy bento for Mr P. though. Which Mr. Potato Head is your favorite?

And yes Mom, I do like to play with my food!


Eternal Helpmates said...

What! Mr. Bento Potato Head is eating a bento? The Canibal! Tee Hee!

Can I play with my food too!

Buckeye Kinfolk said...

I hope your children are watching! When are you going to quit playing with your food and eat? Don't tell me my grandchildren did not eat, but just played around with their food!!!

I should have known it would end up like this. I'm just going to blame it on your father. His DNA is the problem. Love, Mom, now eat.