Monday, May 4, 2009

Project for Mother's Day

Sorry for the long hiatus in posts, seasonal allergies and small demanding people have been culprit. Here is a recent project.

Around a week ago I was in the kitchen putting dishes away and wishing Grandma's were able to have little hands helping them in their homes. So this was the inspiration for a Mother's Day Gift! I traced the kids hands on cardboard, then used that pattern to trace on a fusible paper which I fused to fabric. Then I cut each handprint out and fused to a tea towel. Sorry for the cruddy pics they were taken late one evening. I wish I had done step by step. Maybe next project! Anyhow the hearts I hand embroidered around and the hands I embroidered by machine.

I made homemade cards with a pattern seen on one pretty thing for the long thread, lovebirds. I didn't link since I'm not sure what is proper computer etiquette. But do want to credit the source. If you like and want to try the card just google it "the long thread lovebirds". I like that the card includes the kids art and looks nice.

Hope the Grandma's enjoy their "Helping Hands!"

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Buckeye Kinfolk said...

Just a note from this Granny to let you know I am looking forward to receiving my gift. I'm planning a place to display your project on the wall above their picture. I can sit in my chair when I relax and look at their picture and your project. It will help me to feel a little bit closer to all of you.
Love Me-Ma V.O.