Friday, May 22, 2009

Today at the park

We headed out before lunch to get some energy burned off! And when we got home I discovered this in the kids pockets.

In case you are wondering... it is sand and leaves!

And another pile was left right here!

We proceeded to have lunch and I realized that I had been bragging to the Grandma's about the consumption of broccoli and carrot by the oldest. This has been a long time coming... years.... since he was a baby. So I wanted to get a photo to preserve the momentous happening!

Stuntwoman will let broccoli cross her lips only as a mop, a means to get the dressing to her mouth. But hey, the food is coming in contact with her and maybe someday she will boldly follow in her brother's footsteps and actually consume some!


Jen said...

Awesome Mitch! Way to go! Cute stuff. Hope you are doing better. Love you!

Michelle said...

How exciting to know there is hope! Go Mitch!

And, so exciting you won something! I never win anything either!