Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thrifty fun

Internet I have another new addiction besides bento, it's thrifting! For several weeks I've been looking at vintage stuff on other blogs and just had to go get me some crap to call my own. It's special cause it's from Canada! At least that is what I tell myself to permit my crazy thrifting habit.

I love the vintage charm of this plate and thought it was a neat reminder of our time living here. Dear Hubby noticed it in the kitchen where I had put it and commented right away. "I didn't know you were a flowery person". Well, not on a couch or wallpaper. Yuck!
I saw a blog about vintage pyrex and when I found this sweet number at the salvation army it jumped into my cart for 3.99. Bonus it says Pyrex England. How cool is that?

I adore this swiss dot fabric (1.99 one yard) and think it would be a great skirt I can wear while serving something fabulous in my new pyrex dish. I'll match so divinely... Betty Crocker eat your heart out!

How about this sweet toaster cover and .99 cents! It just screams Happy Homemaker to me. Maybe my children will want to eat breakfast if I make them toast every morning!

I thought the embroidery on this was cute and it will make a cute apron or just be something fun to have at Christmas cheering my spirits. Although you can't see the lighter thread is silvery. And below is another piece found with it at the same time....

Both pieces smelled of pine sol or lemon pledge. I imagine who had the patience to do this handiwork? This little basket design is on a pillow case. I can't decide if it would be a fun apron or framed for decoration at Easter?

I splurged on this last one. A christmas table cloth. I decided that I would regret not getting it. It has a vintage yet modern appeal. Hope you enjoyed my collection of junk.

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Buckeye Kinfolk said...

Your Grandma V.O. (Fern)would be really proud that you have joined in this fun game. Your Dad must have passed this gene along so he must be smiling down as well. Love, Mom - You did good.