Saturday, November 8, 2008

Computer Tag

Hmmm, this has turned out to be like phone tag maybe. Sorry it has taken me this long to post. Dear Hubby was away on business and the house we are leasing here in Canada has a hot tub out side. Turns out the heater quit working and it snowed, twice before Halloween. Yikes! We also got to have Grandma VanO here and we had a wonderful visit. I'll update on that at some point too. Anyhow I really do apologize for not doing this quicker. By the way can anyone please watch my kiddos so I can blog and craft to my hearts content? Tap tap, this thing on? Anyone???

So Kathey From My Window has tagged me to post the fourth pic from my fourth folder. But I have a dilemma. We have labeled the folder and somehow the order got moved so do I post folder number 4 or the folder sitting in the fourth spot currently. Decisions, decisions....
So I'll post from both since it's both my sweet punks! Poor Daddy was wearing his old swim trunks in our Texas back yard. Young Master needs a hair cut.... and someone should tell his Momma to do something about that. Sweet Stuntwoman learning to pull up to stand. Is it illegal to want to just gobble your adorable baby up? Sigh, I was still nursing her then. Now she is turning into a red-faced defiant terrible two's kiddo. "I do it, I do it" she says when I put her in the car seat to do the strap. I have to be careful not to pinch her fingers, I finish securing her seatbelt "click" and she says "Yay, I did it". These kids are the best. But there is no better birth control than the terrible twos and threes! Hee hee.

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