Wednesday, November 12, 2008

July 6th, Casa Loma

We had been looking forward to checking out Casa Loma a major Toronto tourist attraction. A castle that has also been used for filming for several movies. Do you recognize it? Well the inside is what I recall from X-men, but it has been used for many other movies. Anyhow we went on this particular weekend because they were having a Renaissance festival. They have super cool events here like sleeping beauty plays and elf workshops, and they even transformed it into Hogwart's in conjunction with the release of the 7th Harry Potter book. Look it up in Wikipedia and go to their own web site to see what a cool place it is. A word to the wise it is not stroller friendly so that is why I'm not smiling as I'm chasing Miss Stuntwoman all over tarnation. But we scored a lucky trip down the antique elevator because one of the staff was just stepping on. Young Master was really thrilled. I wish we had taken a picture of it as it was all wooden and really old!

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