Thursday, October 9, 2008

Late June

At the end of June (28th) we went downtown to some conservation area. Wish I could recall the name. Anyhow we walked almost a mile but the kids were getting fussy and we were using the single stroller and carrying one kid back and forth. It was a flop and no picture for the effort. Guess it was more of a place to bike or run. We tried a mexican restaurant downtown and had a disappointing meal by our Tex-mex standards.

Here we are enjoying the water sprinkler in the back yard! Good times!!!


Kathey said...


I enjoyed reading about all the latest stuff and seeing your pictures and Kathy's too.

Michelle said...

Looks/sounds like you are getting to do lots of neat things while living there. I hope things are continuing to go well and I look forward to more updates!

jefmic722 said...


The kids are really getting big. Uncle Bud and Aunt Connie saw the pictures. They are doing fine. Thought I would send you a line and see how you are doing. Everyone is fine here. Hope to talk to you soon again. Got to run and go to bed early day tommorrow.
Your cousin,