Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

Over the weekend we went to a Birthday party for two brothers a year and a month apart. They had a joint Birthday at Chuck E Cheese. My kids were in heaven, what kid doesn't love the Cheese of the Chuck?

I made the boys shirts for their birthday the Mom requested matching. I put a matchbox racecar in with each shirt. The 3 year old was really excited about the car especially. What is it about having something that is just the right size to carry in little hands that is so gratifying for kids? Anyhow I was pleased with how the shirts turned out.
Yesterday morning the kids both had upset stomachs for about half the morning and no other symptoms. I was grateful it didn't last long since Hubs is out of town on a business trip. Could be a slight reaction to flu vaccine or a leftover present from Germy Cheese er I mean Chuck E Cheese. Anyhow all is well that ends well.


mybarefo said...

Love the shirts!!!!! Did you use fusible webbing first? ...then machine applique?
Hope everyone is better!!!!

Helena said...

What great shirts!

I'm trying to figure out what to do for Kate and Andy's joint birthday.

golonghorns said...

I used heat and bond first. You have to do a reverse image then apply to fabric. Then I did a simple outline stitch applique.

You should do this for their shirts you can do heat and bond and not sew if you just want it for the party. But if you want to have them wear them for long term I'd sew the numbers on. Maybe Betsey could could this she's sewing savvy!

golonghorns said...

oops, I think Barb is the one who sews not Betsey. Maybe they both do???

Elle Bee said...

Really cute shirts! Great idea to add the car in too.

Barbie said...

That is a cute idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

I love heat and bond!

Michelle said...

Love the number shirts! I am trying to get my crafty juices flowing again. Today I learned how to make my own hairbows, and I am bound and determined to learn to make pillowcase dresses for the girls. They look super easy and so cute. Wish we could craft together again!

Buckeroomama said...

Those shirts look great... and all the cooler because you MADE them! I was reading through the comments and you lost me at "heat and bond"...Heh.

Nezzy said...

Hope the punks are feeling better. Those shirts are awesome. My twelve year old grandson used to call Chuck E. Cheese~ Chucky Jesus. It always cracked me up. Of course with eight wonderfully imaginative grandchildren I'm always cracked up.
OOooo maybe that why I'm just a little 'unique'. Heeeheehe!!!

Thanks for you sweet comment and ya'll have a fantastic day chucked full of blessings!!!