Friday, November 6, 2009


Would somebody turn off my hormones? Seriously, I am getting all emotional when I see a Johnson and Johnson Baby commercial, or a holiday commercial where the family is all happy and celebrating. It makes me just wanna bawl, but in a happy way......cause it's so darn sweet. What is it with pregnancy that makes you so emotional?

Enough of that rant on to the next one. I've been very tired and thought the nausea was done but it is still lingering. I think the difference this time is being busy with two little ones. Nuff said.
Anyhow this picture is a way for me to document or record what I am doing to eat healthy. Like I said I have been tired and also feel like the stress has been high with the move preparations. Not only that but the house we are renting is being showed to prospective new renters it seems like every other day. I have times where my heart kinda races or palpitates quickly. I know that your blood circulation increases to accomodate the baby. Still it is hard when you feel crappy and don't want to do anything but lie down because you feel faint.
I noticed I had a craving for greens, you know the Southern greens with vinegar. Around the same time I started wanting grapefruit. So I did some research on iron. Turns out the palpitations might be because iron is low and heart is trying to pump faster to get blood circulating.
So now I am trying to find foods high in iron and my Mom has been worried if I am getting enough protein. So almost daily now I fix a salad with spinach. Today's salad is particularly healthy in my opinion and I thought I'd take a picture to remember. This salad has raw kale and spinach greens, avocado, strawberry, mandarin oranges, shelled hemp seed, and natural pumpkin seeds or pepita and is topped off with italian dressing.
The raw greens are full of vitamins, we all know how our Mom's would say eat your greens. The fruit is a good source of vitamin C. Avocados are full of beneficial protein. The hemp seed is something my girlfriend used on another raw kale salad recipe I have and like and is a good source of protein, 11 grams for 2 TBSP which is 20% iron. The pumpkin seeds are a powerhouse as 1/4 a cup has 18 grams of protein and 30% iron.
Another side note vitamin C is beneficial to help you absorb iron. Which a glass of ruby red grapefruit juice has 2 servings of fruit and 100% of vitamin C. Funny how my body knew what was deficient and automatically craved it.
One last note, I discovered cream of wheat is also high in iron one serving has 30% of iron. And it's yummier with butter and brown sugar!


Dandy said...

I love cream of wheat and that salad looks fantastic!

mybarefo said...

Everything is yummier with butter and brown sugar!!!!! I LOVE cream of wheat!

Nezzy said...

Your salad look yummy! I am so happy to hear you are taking good care of yourself. I do hope you have discussed any problems no matter how small with your Doc.

I so agree with mybarefo, everything is better with brown sugar and butter.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with blessings and plenty of iron.