Saturday, March 28, 2009

What we did on March Break - Day 1

We crossed the border and went to Buffalo for lunch. Mmmm, the buffalo wings were delicious! We saw a bunch of people wearing green getting ready for a Saint Patricks Day parade downtown.

Our next stop was the Strong National Museum of Play. If you ever visit give yourself a bunch of time. They have a lot of hands on exhibits. There is a carousel at the entrance and I thought we'd never get past that. The kids rode it twice!

They have a replica of Sesame Street. We could not get the kids to stand still.

Young Master loved seeing himself on t.v. with the sesame characters.

They had this fun interactive grocery shopping experience for the kids. We had to split up because the kids were all over. Daddy had the camera so he got to photograph Young Master shopping for CHEESE!!! I don't think he got enough.

If I had been holding a camera you would have seen Stuntwoman taking food from other people's carts or adding to it. She kept picking up a watemelon and calling it a pickle! She was all about the produce!

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