Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bean Bag Fun

So Wendolonia made these adorable beanbags she saw on WhiMSy Love . I fell in love with the idea too. They were super easy and should be great fun for our upcoming trip. We are headed to upstate New York for March Break! For those of you who are asking what is March Break?!? It's what Canadians call Spring Break, but I guess they don't really have Spring here yet so hence March Break. This is just my random logic at work here.....

I ended up making some red bean bags after this but already had taken this picture in my excitement over the project.

Young Master liked them right away!

He practiced tossing them on his hopscotch towel from Grandma VO.

His next game was matching them to the rug squares in the living room. I think he liked them!

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Wendy said...

Your beanbags came out so cute! I love that hopscotch mat. That would be good for rainy day fun.