Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Wow, kids are so resilient. You would never know this little guy just had surgery. He is doing great, no complaints of pain. He just has sutures at the incision site on his groin area. He should heal very nicely. We will have a 6 week follow up with the surgeon. I must confess, I expected this to be a lot worse and it was a breeze. Big Praises go to Daddy for all his hard work, he got the yucky job. Mommy was too stressed and worried which would have been hard on Mother and child. So Daddy took Master to surgery and had to hear all the crying and complaining for something to eat/drink and for Mommy. They would only allow one parent in recovery and Daddy really wanted to be there for him. So I stayed home with Stuntwoman and I think it was a good choice.

This is a self-portrait young Master took with his camera about a week or so ago!

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