Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flat Stanley

A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor at the house. This is Flat Stanley. One of our nieces in Texas had a school project involving him. Her first grade class read a story about Stanley and how he became flat when a bulletin board over his bed fell on him. His adventures really began when his parents mailed him to friends in California.

So her class made Flat Stanleys and mailed to family and friends from all over so they could learn about other places. Some specific things they asked for were the weather, symbols, and traditions of the area.

Poor Stanley was colder here so we had to outfit him with some winter gear. We picked him up a Toronto Maple Leaf jersey to wear back so he could tell the class about hockey and how popular it is here. We told Flat Stanley to tell her class that we have had 198 cm of snow this winter. That's 78 inches or 6 and a half feet! It was fun to have him visit and share a little bit about Canada with our niece and her school.

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