Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi there, tap tap anyone still checking in on my little old blog?

Life with 2 little ones makes it hard to keep this thing up to date.

We went to Austin and Dallas for 2 weeks at last week of Nov. first week of Dec.

We had a nice time & now we are back in 6 or so inches of snow.

Also our computer had to have a well visit for a noisy fan problem.

This is a picture from September...

yes I am still behind on posts about all our adventures

I still have from August on to update about.

Young Master has really gotten the concept of Christmas.

We are showing him all the old Burl Ives and puppet animated movies.

Every time he hears the drummer boys song on the radio

he recognizes it from the shows and says,

"It's a new drummer boy song!"

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