Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa pancakes

Our first married Christmas 2002, dear hubby searched high and low for perfect gifts. One of the neatest things he did was in desperation and has become our very own family tradition. Now evolved even more. He bought a pancake gift box mix. You know the kind with all the yummy smuckers jellies and flavored syrups? Yummmm. Anyhow pancakes on Christmas morning is a tradition, and now they are Santa pancakes! I am especially looking forward to the kids response this year. What is your favorite family holiday tradition or memory?


Buckeye Kinfolk said...

Would love to have a Santa pancake with you. They ate really cute and look very yummy. They also look almost to pretty to eal. Love, Mom
P.S. I'll try to do a post about my favorite tradition later.

JB and Company said...

Hey! Love the Claus Cakes very cute. We rocked our traditional Christmas lazagna, a roast veggie layer made it extra special. We also tried the green beans wrapped in bacon from Ree's blog. Drool!

Kathey said...

I LOVE IT! What a fun tradition. That is WAY clever and cute. He's almost too cute to eat.

LOve, Kathey

Jen said...

So far, our traditions are ever evolving. Meaning, we seem to add to it. Last year, Zach loved the movie Polar Express, so he got a bell from Santa. This year, we he got another bell. This years addition: I got a pickle ornament--a German tradition- in which you hide the ornament on the tree and the child who finds it gets an extra gift from Santa for being so observant. Since we only have z-man, we just made a game out of it. No extra prizes tho! I love the pancakes...very nice.