Thursday, July 17, 2008


So it is only fair if brother gets a post then sister needs one too! I love her serious concentration on the upside down book! Stuntwoman loves to read, loves furry red monsters (aka - Elmo and she learned his name all on her own!) and she also loves her teddy bear! I'll post more pictures of her favorite things in the near future. So why the nickname stuntwoman you ask, well let me tell you she runs and climbs everywhere! If she were a video game she would have used three of her nine lives by now and she is either going to be a contestant or the next hostess of fear factor! Hah!


JB and Company said...

Yep, Fear Factor here she comes! Mom said that in the video Uncle Dan took of her she was always running. I can't wait to go North and watch it for myself. :)

Kathey said...

Such a cute picture. And she looks like she's really concentrating. ^O^

JB and Company said...

Hey, get this, we were looking at the picture of Stuntwoman this morning and realized that Little Miss has the same book. We got ours for a $1 at Target and it may be a little smaller.