Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Master

We just finished dosing the Master with antibiotic ear drops for a suspected infection. I had to go with gut instinct and based on previous experience from his first tubes we did not want to take any chances. We are still waiting for our social insurance to start and still do not have a doctor, sigh. Anyhow we were sneaky and did the a.m. drops while he slept, super easy! Evening doses has not neen so easy as we all dread the experience. We found it best to not discuss the need for drops and fuel his anxiety, rather we just ambush him and then give him a couple jelly beans for good participation right after. This never really helps the medicine go down! Speaking of which he just saw Mary Poppins and loved it! Oh, but back to the drops. After one of our next to last evenings we had finished the dose and he was upset as usual. He took the eardrop bottle (the lid was back on) from Daddy and proceeded to give Daddy drops. I'll show you!
By the way the red circle with the line is a lollypop per the artists report!


Kathey said...

When I first glanced at his picture I thought," WOW, he looks like Jenni at that age!" How fun.

I love Stuntwoman's look of concentration. ^o^

Have fun on your trip to Ottawa this weekend, and thanks for looking at my blog.--K

JB and Company said...

You know Kathey is right, the Master does look at bit like you. We are fighting the ear infection battle too. My problem is that Princess E doesn't want to take the oral meds. Argh!