Friday, August 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

Here it is the end of August and I have not posted anything all month. We had a busy month. At the start of the month for one week we went to Mont Tremblant, Quebec City and Montreal. Then we came back and got ready for TEXAS!!!! We just got back from spending a week at home in our beloved Austin. Hooray for tex-mex and home sweet home. Getting back here was nice too and I have to confess it is starting to feel like home here as well. Over the next little bit I plan to catch up on all our sightseeing in order of occurrence. If not to share but also just to remember all we have seen and done since moving here. Better late than never.

Oh, one more thing to mention Football Man has a great talent for making home slide shows that are posted on you tube. If you'd like to check them out search for you tube and then when you get to that site search for googanaba. He's pretty proud of the work and loves to share!

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