Saturday, December 10, 2011

Magic Christmas Donuts

Hi There Blog Land,

Yes I know it has been a very looooong time since I posted anything. But a certain 18 month old and not to mention being outnumbered 3 to 1 has left me feeling too tired to keep up with it all. So while I've missed blogging I've had to pick and chose my battles where to focus my energy.

We have an Elf on the Shelf.... This wasn't planned but several days ago my First Grader worriedly asked "Why don't we have an Elf on the Shelf?" And began citing his classmates by name who all had an Elf at their house.

I had enjoyed seeing other folk's creativity and normally would love to do this but it wasn't something I wanted to invest my time, energy, expenses into. However Santa sent one wrapped in a beautiful gold box with a bow and left him at our door with a note explaining the weather had been bad at the North Pole and our Elf who is New in Training got lost!

The kids are loving our Elf they named Alex and I must admit he is getting us in the Christmas spirit.

Last night Alex left us Magic Donut Christmas seeds. They only work at Christmas time. You have to leave them out before bedtime and sing Christmas carols loud. And if you have enough Christmas spirit they will grow into a big donut! We made sure to sing several songs and sure enough it worked!

Alex moved to a higher spot during the night to keep an eye on the kids in the morning. He's a little skiddish around the baby so he likes to stay up high.

Speaking of the baby she enjoyed some bites of donut for the first time. Thankfully she sampled a few nibbles and moved on to yogurt!

The Master was not feeling so swell, he has a cold. Therefore no entusiasm but he did want 2 donuts which are both still mostly untouched.

Stuntwoman was thrilled with the sugar rush and had frosting off 2 donuts, thankyouverymuch!!!

Thanks Alex for the yummy breakfast. We sure enjoy having you here for the holidays!

(Turns out I remember why keeping up with blogging has been so sparse. The baby has tried to tear the office apart 3 times. Since this is not a kid friendly space we try to discourage little people from being here. I think it took me three times longer to get this done! Whew, off to go have a donut!!! Thanks for visiting.)


Dandy said...

Best idea ever!!!! The kids are gorgeous and SO big!

Helena said...

Aww, cute! Merry Christmas!

Nezzy said...

Hey darlin', it has been a loooooog time and I was just thinkin' about you today.

Wow...the baby is growin'!!!!

What sweeties ya have here but now I'm cravin' a doughnut for some silly reason! Heeeheehhe!

God bless ya and have a marvelous week sweetie!!! :o)

Nezzy said...

Have yourself a great Valentine's Day lovin' those youngens!!!

God bless ya! :o)